HVAC - Xcellon & Flexiduct

Xcellon is also called Cross-linked Polyolefin, Polyethylene Foam, Chemical Cross Linked Foam, or XPE. Comes with aluminum foil and/or adhesive backed.


    1. Heat Insulation - The closed cell structure of Xcellon promotes extremely low thermal conductivity for heat insulation.
    2. Low Moisture Vapor - maintains heat insulating properties over a long period of time.
    3. Durable - Cross-Linked Polyolefin is the base material making Xcellon durable and highly resistant to heat, adverse weather conditions, and chemicals.
    4. Non-Flammable - Fire resistant and emits no poisonous gas. Xcellon has a class A rating for fire and smoke tests.
    5. SoundReduction - Vibration and sound reduction properties that reduce the transmission of structural noise



      Flexiduct are connecting ducts from the main duct to diffusers and vents. Used in exhaust ducts (bare) and aircon ducts (insulated).


      Non-Insulated (100-200mm) - Ideal for areas that require air flow and other general exhaust applications such as kitchen exhaust, bathroom fan, and air conditioning




      Insulated (100-400mm) - Insulated by Glasswool to provide greater thermal efficiency and saves energy. Used in standard heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications.