PE Foam Brochure

PE Foam is a non-cross linked, closed cell foam made from polyethylene resin. This material is non-toxic, lightweight, and easy to install.

✓ heatproof

✓ waterproof

✓ sound proof

✓ chemically resistant


The versatility of PE foam makes it highly customizable and suitable for a variety of applications

✓ Insulation 

✓ DIY projects

✓ Packaging 


When laminated with aluminum, PE foam increases its thermal insulation properties making it a suitable insulator. When processed into thin sheets and other forms, PE foam can be used for packaging applications.

PE foam Insulation

Also called EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) foam or Beta PE. Used for roof, wall, floor, and air duct insulation. The most popular roof insulation and most affordable type of insulation.


  • Cold and Heat Resistant (-20 to +80 C)
  • Flexible
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Sound dampening properties


  • White (natural)
  • Grey (fire retardant)
  • Pink (anti-static)


  • metalized, polyester, or aluminized
  • aluminum or real foil
  • high density PE (for strength)
  • printed PET/OPP
  • adhesive – paper backed adhesive

PE Foam Packaging

  • Thin sheets of 0.5mm to 2mm for light packaging
  • layered sheets of 3mm up to 100mm for
  • thicker packaging requirements.

PE Foam sheets can be custom processed:

  • Slit and cut to sheets
  • Die cut and assembled
  • Sealed to bags and envelopes
  • Laminated with HDPE, paper board, bubble sheets, and other materials

Other types of PE foam packaging