Rockwool & Glasswool

Glasswool, also known as Fiberglass insulation, is made from intertwined glass fibers. Glasswool is an ideal insulation product due to its lightweight and hydrophobic properties, sound absorption characteristics, and low thermal conductivity. It is mostly used as roof and wall insulation.


  • High temperature insulation (400 C)
  • Eco friendly and made from recycled materials
  • Fire retardant and corrosion resistant

Rockwool is a type of thermal insulation made from molten rocks intertwined into flexible fibers. A wide range of products can be made from this because of its superior ability to block heat and sound. Rockwool insulation is commonly used in building construction, industrial plants, and in automotive applications


  • High temperature insulation (600 C)
  • Fire resistant due to its extremely high melting point
  • Can reduce energy consumption in homes and businesses